July News

Spiel des Jahres winners 2018

Spiel des Jahres winner – Azul

Kinderspiel des Jahres winner – Funkelschatz

Kennerspiel de Jahres winner – Ganz schön clever, and Heaven & Ale

Congratulations to all the winners.

On a side note – Congratulations to Issac Childres and his game Gloomhaven, which picked up a total of 5 awards at the Dice Tower Con earlier this month. (The awards are given for games released the previous year) See all the awards – HERE

CMON’s Cthulhu: Death May Die will be on kickstarter 10th July

From the publisher:

“The Elder God Cthulhu has many followers, but none more loyal or deadly than the Star Spawn. They serve Cthulhu with an unwavering reverence that might be mistaken for love, if they were only capable of that emotion.

Cthulhu: Death May Die is coming to Kickstarter on July 10 at 3 PM EST.”

Designed by Eric M. Lang and Rob Daviau, This is sure to be a hit. Cthulhu: Death may Die sees players taking on the roles of investigators, and working together to combat evil.

For more information click the link above, or visit their Facebook page – Here

All images courtesy of CMON

Fantasy Flight Games to discontinue Android – Netrunner.

The current license term, with Wizards of the Coast, has come to an end, and, after less than a year from the release of the revised core set edition, Fantasy Flight Games have announced that, as of the 22nd October 2018, they will no longer be offering Android: Netrunner The Card Game for sale. This includes all accessories.

Before then, Reign and Reverie, will be the final expansion.

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