September News

A change in how I’m approaching my news page.

I didn’t put together a news page for last month; I was trying to decide on a better approach. This is what I came up with: I’m going to run lists of announcements, new releases, and games appearing on crowdfunding sites. There are so many games coming out at the moment it’s hard to keep up with them all!

I’ll add my comments here and there, and everything will be linked to their source page, or BGG page.

Of course, if I have any other news to tell you about, I’ll put it on here too.


Lookout games announces Plaice Deck, a small expansion for Nusford, and designed by Uwe Rosenberg. Expected release date – October 2018

Tomb Raider Legends: The board game is expected to hit retail in Q1 of 2019. Further details expected from Square Enix towards the end of the year.

Pandemic: Fall of Rome, has been announced by Z-Man Games. It can be pre-ordered now from their Website – release date Q4. Great news, it also includes a special Solo play mode!

Shinobi 7, LLC. have acquired the Conan licence to produce tabletop games, and have released plans for 2 new games – a card game, and a miniatures game.

New releases for the month of August

These games have just hit retail, be sure to take a look.

Paper TalesDesigned by Mast Uesugi and published by Stronghold games. Card drafting and hand management game.

Detective: A modern crime board game Released by Portal games and containing some unique gameplay elements, like checking out the ‘Antares Database website’!

Villainous – Designed by Prospero Hall and Published by Wonder Forge. Take on the role of your favourite Disney villain and turn the tables on the Heroes for a change!

Fluxx – Star Trek; Star Trek The next Generation; Star Trek Bridge Expansion. – It’s Fluxx, but not as we know it!

Arkham Horror, the classic board game from Fantasy Flight, has a new Third Edition, and is available for pr-order now.


Kingdomino: Age of Giants

DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Crisis expansion pack 4


Nancy Narking is now on kickstarter. Martin Wallace’s original design has been revamped and set in a different universe.This is one I would consider backing myself, but I’ve already hit my quota for crowdfunding this year!


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