To The Solo Meeple

A new site dedicated to tabletop games, and especially to introducing newcomers to the hobby.

I’ll be posting regular Blogs with a wide range of topics, but all to do with the world of analogue games… RPG’s, Board Games, Card Games, Miniature games and more.

There will be an ongoing Solo Meeple beginners guide to painting Miniatures –

Orcs from Heroquest, the first figures I painted

Picking up the Brush’.

And, as this is The Solo Meeple, I will be taking a regular look at the world of solo gaming (for those moments when your mates are all down the pub!)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or just want to pass the time talking about games, and any criticism or advice is most welcome!

You can also catch me on Facebook – Here


All images used on this site © Justin Staveley, unless otherwise stated.

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