Picking up the Brush Part I: Introduction

It’s been a long time since I spent more than a fleeting moment trying to stick some paint on a small piece of plastic!

When I was a child I spent (what seemed like) hours painting my Airfix models, but to be honest, they were rubbish, and usually ended up at the bottom of the garden being shot at!

I had another dabble about 20 years ago, a few of us were playing a dungeon crawler created by a friend of mine; the results were a little better… but not much! And a few years ago I tried again – I purchased a citadel starter set, their accompanying book… and there they sat until a year ago!

My purchases at last years Games Expo included various games that used miniatures; Mansions of Madness, Aliens Vs Predator, and D&D: The Temple of Elemental Evil Board Game. Seeing all the fabulously painted miniatures at the Expo, inspired me to once again, give painting a go.

So, here I am a year later, and I’m quite happy with how I’ve progressed – But, lets get one thing clear straight away, I’m not a quick painter! I’m also not claiming to be an expert on the subject, far from it – I’m learning all the time. What I do want to do is share my experiences of starting out, and open a discussion on how to improve.

In the next part I’ll give my thoughts on the equipment you need, including a look at the paint, brushes, and other paraphernalia I use. For now, here are a few pictures of the miniatures I’ve painted over the last year, please feel free to comment below…

Orcs01 copy
Orcs from Heroquest, the first figures I painted


…And a few Goblins!
I think this one’s from Heroquest too.


Two paint schemes for skeletons, which one’s the best?


Red Knight04
Figure from Dragon Quest, I started experimenting with bases!

Red Knight03

Mage from Dragon Quest, I like this one.


Green Knight03
Another Knight from Dragon Quest

Green Knight02

Elf… Once more from Dragon Quest


2 thoughts on “Picking up the Brush Part I: Introduction

  1. Nice painting my attempts years ago of space marines were seriously shoddy. (Thats being ultra polite.) Recently went try and buy a copy of heroquest for my kids could not believe they go for over a £100 now. So they got dungeon instead. Nowhere near as good in my opinion.


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