Preview: 1066, Tears To Many Mothers

You were a King, but history unfolded. Your death was agonising. Your defeat sending catastrophic waves across the country. Now you hold fate in your hands. You’ve been given another chance; don’t make the same mistakes twice. Send William and his hordes to oblivion. Defeat is not an option… 1066, Tears of Many Mothers, a chance to re-write history?

1066, Tears To Many Mothers, first caught my eye on Kickstarter earlier this year. The funding period had long gone, but there was a bright green button inviting me – ‘Late Pledge!’

£75,366 was pledged to the campaign by almost 2,000 backers, and by scrolling down the kickstarter page I began to see why.

The first thing that struck me was the amazing artwork, and I really do mean amazing! Ania Kryczkowska has done a fantastic job, capturing the very essence of the period. The characters facial expressions convey feeling and emotion, helping immerse you into the battles being portrayed on the table.

Secondly, the theme – I just love history, especially if it involves battles.

And this is a game steeped in history; the history of great change in Britain, as the Normans and Saxons gave battle. Designer, Tristan Hall, has attempted to capture the trials and tribulations of the time in an asymmetrical card game, and from delving in to the game; it would appear he’s done a magnificent job.

Finally, it can be played solo, and this wasn’t just added as an oversight. This has been built into the game, and many of the cards feature a solo specific affect.

That was it; I was hooked, and pressed that little green button. So, having backed the game, been sent regular updates from Hall or Nothing, and waited eagerly for its release – I decided to put together this post, sharing with you a game that I believe has the potential of being one of the best card games of the year – 1066, Tears Of Many Mothers.

Tristan also designed Gloom of Kilforth, Hall or Nothing Production’s first release. It has been on my ‘to buy’ list for awhile now, I almost purchased it at last years Expo, but not knowing much about it at that point, I let the opportunity slip. It has since gone on to gather quite a cult following, especially amongst solo players, and has sold out!

The second print run was also on kickstarter; it gained £207,859 in pledges and is soon due for release. As I’ve hit my kickstarter limit for the year, this one will have to wait!

Gloom of Kilforth is a fantasy quest game for 1-4 players. Once again it contains amazing art; looking at new expansion the art is almost photographic like in its qualities!

And, Hall or Nothing have been up to more… Lifeform finished its kickstarter in April, and is due for release in December. Once again it is for 1-4 players, but this time is a sci-fi board game, another one to add to my ‘buy list’!

So back to 1066. From the last update, I think we’re looking at around late August for release, so look out for my review around Septemberish!

Until then, here’s the official line…


An oath has been sworn and then broken, an evil omen is in the sky, a crown is at stake and history is about to be made. It is April 1066 and Harold Godwinson, King of England, faces a deadly challenge from William, Duke of Normandy. William believes Harold has broken a solemn oath by claiming the English crown, and the matter must be settled by force…


‘1066, Tears to Many Mothers’ is a two-player card game that brings to life the incredible real-life stories and momentous events of that seismic year in English history, leading up to and culminating in the Battle of Hastings. Each player, as either Normans or Saxons, musters troops and resources to overcome the various obstacles in their way before the two armies clash on the battlefield.

With gorgeous artwork and sumptuous production values that will appeal to young people and seasoned gamers alike, every image in the game is based on a real person involved in the Battle of Hastings with their names and influences taken from the Domesday Book, or an event, tactic, or type of unit present at the battle.

Hundreds of players worldwide have already set their sights on conquering medieval England by playing the game. 1066, Tears to Many Mothers was a runner up in two categories of Boardgame Geek’s 2017 Most Anticipated Awards, a runner-up in the Golden Geek Awards, and was also nominated in the Origins Awards for ‘Best Historical Board Game’. The game has hundreds of Fans on – the biggest boardgaming site in the world and has attracted tens of thousands of hits online.




Players take it in turns to play cards and build their armies by deploying units, characters, tactics, attachments and playing events, all based on historical figures, weapons and occurrences that shaped that fateful year.

Each player battles his way through a set of objectives that face his Leader in the run up to Hastings. With a focus on quick, tactical play and a thematic abstraction of the events of the time, there is no deck building required, each player simply grabs his deck and shuffles and play begins. It’s a fast-paced modern game based on one of the most fascinating conflicts in history. No other game currently offers the same lean but satisfyingly complex card play in recreating epic historical battles, and which cleverly teaches us about this fascinating period of history.



  • Playing time – around 45 minutes whilst learningthe game, and with experienced play can comedown to as little as 30 minutes per game.
  • The goal is for each player to build up their armies whilst racing each other to overcome a variety of historical objectives, which William and Harold had to conquer on their way to the Battle of Hastings.
  • The first player to arrive at Senlac Ridge shores up his position and once both sides arrive, the battle commences in fast and bloody fashion.
  • The Battle of Hastings is fought over three Wedges of troops (as the real battle was), represented by three Wedge cards which players compete for by trying to inflict ten points of damage on each Wedge.
  • The first player to claim two Wedges wins the game!
  • Though the premise is simple, the tactical nature of the game is all in the card play and the unique interactions of the cards in each player’s deck.
  • Careful hand and resource management is required for victory…


Read reviews of 1066, Tears to Many Mothers on boardgamegeek here:


  • “Excellent two-player historical battle game” – Jason Moore
  • “Outstanding game” – Samanar
  • “Superb, thematic with a strong story arc, distinct historical feel” – Evil Bob (bbhalla)
  • “Balanced, back and forth gameplay. Love the variety of cards. Great game to play with my ten year old” – Jared Jansma
  • “A great two-player game, tense, thematic, educational (yes, really) and fun, superb value. A robust, flexible system which could adapt nicely to other conflicts” – Nick (nickster1970)
  • “Really enjoyed it. There are many decisions to make between using actions, placing units, playing events, locations for units, resources, etc.” – Paul Ibbs
  • “Strategy and luck factors with a huge historical background, I really enjoyed it” – Mário Sousa


 Hall or Nothing Productions specialises in developing high quality board and card games with world-class artwork and production values.


Please feel free to comment – see below…

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