Solo Thoughts

I’ve had it pointed out to me recently, and rightly so, that I’ve been neglecting the solo gaming side of things, and I thought to myself, ‘Why is that?’

The time I usually spend playing games on my own has drastically diminished, mainly because the painting side of the hobby has slowly started taking over my life. The sense of achievement and satisfaction that painting currently gives me, far out weighs the buzz I get from playing solo.

The rest of my gaming time is taken up playing with others, especially my family, but don’t despair, things are getting back on track.

So, what have I got planned?

Well, the next few reviews are all games that feature a solo mode: Tainted Grail, Black Orchestra, Marvel Champions: The Card Game, Scythe… In fact, I think pretty much every game I have lined up has some form of solitaire option.

I’m currently playing Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon, both in a group and solo, and I personally think that this game is brilliant solo, possibly on a par, dare I say, with Gloomhaven!

Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon
Tainted Grail; On a par with Gloomhaven?

I also want to do more solo playthroughs, similar to the one I did on Pandemic, where I play through the game and give my thought process on why I’m doing the things I do. Forbidden Island will be one of the first, as I want to show how it can be beaten on the Legendary level (hopefully!), followed by Black Orchestra, which is an excellent, thematically immersive game that is equally good played solo or with friends.

Starting in the New Year I’m aiming to do a regular ‘Solo Thoughts’ post like this one, where I can just ramble on about anything to do with solo gameplay; here’s a few examples of the things I wish to cover…

Artificial Intelligence in games is ever on the rise, and I want to take a look at where they work, and where they don’t. I also want to cast some ideas out there for creating your own A.I. so that you can play those games that currently have no solo option. I particularly have in mind war and skirmish games, such as Star Wars: Legion and Marvel: Crisis Protocol – is there a way to make these games solitaire?

Co-op games are probably my favourite games to play solo, as you pretty much play the game as intended, at least as far as rules go, so I want to spend some time exploring solo play in this format.

Another topic that comes to mind is the current trend for games to include a solo option. Some of these offer an excellent gaming experience, whilst others are helpful to learning the game and working out strategies, but unfortunately many fall short and are one and done!

As you can see, I have many ideas in the tank and the only thing really holding me back is time. I want to put out a good spread of posts covering a wide range of gaming topics, but only having the time to put out one post a week is quite restrictive. To be honest, it isn’t helped by the fact that I’m easily distracted – something new comes along and my attention is immediately redirected. I’m like a moth flitting from one source of light to another; it’s a wonder I ever get anything done!

There are still going to be posts about the things I paint, non-solo games, and other general posts, but if at any time you feel I’m neglecting something, then feel free to give me a friendly nudge in the desired direction.

If you’ve any thoughts on solo topics you’d like me to cover, or simply have something to share regarding solo play, then please comment below!

2 thoughts on “Solo Thoughts

  1. I’ll be following this thread with interest, mainly because I’d like to put more solo capability into my wargames! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks John.
      Wargames are probably the most difficult genre to create an A.I for; it’s all about balance. On one hand you want realism, and on the other you want ease of use and quick play, unfortunately it appears impossible to get both!
      I’ve been playing around with a few different methods, so we shall see where that leads…

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