One Year On – Arkham Horror (Third Edition)

When I first got my hands on this game I played it like mad. The four included scenarios were varied and interesting, and provided a more than adequate challenge. The game was good when played solo too, which was another big plus for me. However, since those initial repeated plays the game has barely let my shelf – why? Let’s find out…

Arkham Horror 3rd Edition

The stories that the scenarios tell are, for me, the strongest part of the game, but unfortunately, they’re also its Achilles heel. They don’t lend themselves to repeated play, at least no more than two or three games apiece, especially if, like me, you’re the kind of person who remembers things like that particularly well.

You get to know what you need to do and the best way to do it, even so, I’m not saying they get any easier, just predictable, which sort of ruins the fun.

Being a Fantasy Flight Games production, I was expecting a torrent of expansions to follow its release, but alas, this didn’t happen, and in the meantime other games were crying out for my attention.

Dead of Night finally made an appearance in October 2019, around a year after the Third Edition hit the shelves. Now, this wouldn’t normally be an issue, I mean, a year is no time at all for an expansion release, right? But for this game, it needed that expansion just like Yahtzee needs dice!

You see, after I’d played the scenarios through a number of times, I became, well, bored of it! The game play is narrowed by the storyline of the scenario, and even though you will experience different events popping up, the manner in which you need to progress remains the same.

This is a great shame because I really do enjoy the game, but it needs a steady stream of expansions to keep it fresh, even if they are small scale, single scenario add-ons. Dead of Night adds two scenarios. It also includes lots of other goodies to add to the game, including four new investigators (no new locations though, which is a surprise, as the modular seems perfect for additions), but I do wonder if two is going to be enough, especially if we have to wait another year for the next release.

For those of you currently thinking of buying into this game – go for it. You’ll have bags of fun and, when you get fed up of repeating the same scenarios over and over, there’s an expansion already waiting for you, which will keep you going until the next one is launched… hopefully!

For me, after a year of pretty much no play, do I want the expansion?

You know, I think I do! There’s a lot of potential just waiting to be exploited in this game, and I don’t want to be left behind when someone unlocks it. At some point I’m sure they will expand upon the locations, and I have my fingers crossed that they may even include a campaign – how cool would that be? But still, even a trickle of small scenarios would be a welcome sight, ones that simply make use of the core box components.

In between the wait for the next release, though, I can always play Eldritch Horror, which doesn’t have the narrative storylines of Arkham but does have a lot more variance included with every play – Oh, and it has about a gazillion expansions already available!

One Year On – It hasn’t moved much from the shelf, but it’s still a game I enjoy playing. The wait for an expansion found me getting bored with the four included scenarios, whilst the codex system and modular board are interesting aspects that will hopefully be explored further in the future.

Read the review here

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