Adventurer’s Tale – Part IV: Assault on the Haunted Keep

I thought it was high time I revisited the Adventurer’s Tale, as it was back in July when we last heard about the exploits of Alaeros, Talon, and the rest of the gang.

Click on the the links below to read the previous Temple of Elemental Evil adventures:

Setting up to play I decided that Alaeros had managed to scavenge 100 gold of Nymmestra (who insisted she wasn’t parting with anything until Alaeros admitted that she was by far the most beautiful Elf he’d ever seen, which embarrassed him mightily!) and 100 of Ratshadow, who being the rouge he his, insisted on it being a loan at 200% interest!

So, I can now level up Alaeros to level 2, which increases his Armour Class to 18, his Hit Points to 12, and hence, his Surge Value to 6. He can also take an extra Daily Power, which, along with the fact he can now purchase advancements, is the real reason I wanted to level someone up.

Anyway, back to the adventure, and we join the gang after they had rid Red Larch of their Doppelganger problem and have been following the tracks of the elemental cultists, which lead to a ruined keep.

Making their way down a set of gloomy steps, the heroes find themselves in a dim, dank, corridor. The smell of death permeates the air, and other than the sound of slowly dripping water, the place is eerily silent.

Temple of Elemental Evil Pt4

Ratshadow takes the lead, his senses alert, “This place has more traps than you have meals in a day, Alaeros!”

The big man grunted, his appetite was often a subject of discussion – could he help it if there was more of him to feed than the others? “Which way do you think?” His voice came out unintentionally loud, and the echoes reverberated around them.

“Hmm. There’s a slight draft seemingly coming from that passage, maybe that is suggestive?” Barrowin, as a Dwarf, was sensitive to these kinds of things.

“I shall remove a trap from here; follow in my footsteps.” Ratshadow knelt, and with swift hands removed a loose stone from the floor and attempted to disarm the trigger underneath. “Interesting! The trap is old and would never have triggered. Someone isn’t doing their housekeeping around here.” (The revealed trap was clear.)

“Or maybe, they don’t have to!” Ratshadow’s comment was directed at a rather ugly, but also rather tough looking, Earth Cultist, who had just rounded the corner and was prepared for a fight.

Head down, the Cultist charged. “OOF! ” Ratshadow let out a gasp; being so short the Cultist’s helmet ricocheted off the top of his head! (Ratshadow 2 Damage.)

Temple of Elemental Evil Pt4
Head down, the Cultist charged!

The others, alert to the danger began to react. Nymmestra was quickest off the mark, and she sent a blast of icy cold air to engulf their foe. The Cultist, club raised above the Halfling’s head, looked up at the rest of his prey and smiled, apparently unaffected by the wizard’s magic. (Nym used at-will power, Chill Touch, and missed!)

“Well, not the best of time to be firing blanks!” Nymmestra stared at her hand with a look of distaste on her face, surely these things didn’t happen to her?

The Cultist’s smile had turned to big grin, and then to a full on, belly deep, laugh, and suddenly a shot of flame flew around the Elf, causing her to wince in pain. Once the smoke had cleared she realised she had bigger problems to contend with – there, standing before her, a Bugbear had just materialised out of thin air! (Encounter – Burning Sacrifice. Nym takes 1 damage and a new monster is placed on her tile.)

“Ello my pretty!” The beast’s words were slurred, coming as they were from a mouth containing more teeth than the thing had brain cells.

‘Ello my pretty!’

Still in shock, Nym made a far too tempting target for the Bugbear, and it took full advantage – the blow it dealt her nearly lifted her off her feet – and its spiky club vibrated with a low thrumming noise from the impact! (Nym – 2 damage.)

Gloating at its successful attack on the Wizard, the Bugbear failed to notice a runic looking mark appear on its chest – it now had the ‘Hunter’s Mark’, making it more susceptible to attacks. (Talon uses Utility power ‘Hunter’s Mark’ gaining advantage for herself, Nym, and Ratshadow.)

Having left her ‘mark’ Talon let loose with an arrow, catching it high up in the shoulder – not a fatal blow. She retreated backwards, leaving space for the aggressive Dwarf to move into. (Talon plays utility power ‘Danger Sense’ so no encounter card is drawn this turn.)

Barrowin wasted no time; as soon as Talon had backed away she burst past, springing at the Bugbear and bringing her Warhammer down on its head with a ‘CRACK’. As it slumped at her feet she began chanting, the words becoming lost in the battle still taking place between Ratshadow and the Cultist. A flash of light and Nymmestra felt warmth enter her body, healing the grievous wound caused by the late Bugbear. (Barrowin used utility power ‘Cure Wounds’ on Nym, healing 2hp.)

Temple of Elemental Evil Pt4
Barrowin wasted no time…

“Thank you Barrowin.” For once there was no condescension in her voice. She quickly bent over the dead Bugbear and removed something from its belt. She studied it briefly and then passed it to the Dwarf, “Here, quickly, take this. There is a magical radiance about it.” Barrowin looked at what she held in her hand, a small boomerang, almost like a child’s toy. She pocketed it and turned back to the fray, barely noticing the deep cut it left in the palm of her hand. (Treasure ‘Thundering Boomerang’. Encounter ‘Dark Gift’ – 1 damage to Barrowin.)

“You need my help Ratshadow?” Yelled Alaeros, who was watching the Halfling with interest, appreciating the way he managed to bob and weave away from the Cultist’s blows. He’d seen the rogue’s dance many times before, and knew that Ratshadow would soon find the opening he was looking for.

“It’s okay big man, I’m wearing him down by letting him try to hit me. He’ll soon be begging for my mercy, which I shall surely give him with the edge of my…” Ratshadow ducked once more, “Sword!”

Alaeros laughed and, looking about him, decided to open up another clear path along the corridor. Traps were not his speciality, and so he attempted to disable one in his usual manner of hitting it hard with his axe! A dart flew out of the wall opposite, but fell harmlessly to the floor after narrowly passing him by; he whistled to himself in relief, gave a shrug, and moved on.

An orange glow appeared before him in the distance. It quickly became more intense and started towards him at speed. “Damn Fire Bat here folks!” His warning alerted the others to the danger, but this was only half of his problems.

“Alaeros, behind you!” Talon’s warning came too late, another Earth Cultist emerged form a secret door and slipped into the corridor behind him. (Encounter Robber – Alaeros has no gold so a new monster is placed on his tile.)

Temple of Elemental Evil Pt4
‘Alaeros, behind you!’

The bat flew at Alaeros, who, distracted by Talon’s warning, was unable to fend it off. It managed to sink its fiery fangs into the human before taking to the air once more. Alaeros new the bat would be back for more, but its bite was relatively minor compared to the damage the Cultist could inflict; he turned to meet this new threat. (Alaeros takes 1 damage.)

The Cultist came at him cautiously, showing some degree of skill with massive club he wielded. With the bat flitting around his head he was barely able to hold the Cultist off, and sure enough, he eventually let his defence slip, much to the delight of his attacker. (Alaeros takes 2 damage.)

Meanwhile, Ratshadow was still ‘dancing’ with the now, overly tired, Earth Cultist. “Time to strike me thinks!” And with that he lunged forward, striking the Cultist just below its breastplate. It shuddered and let out a yelp, but unfortunately for the Halfling, didn’t go down.

Ratshadow was unfazed, and continued his dance, circling around and, with the Cultist slowed by his injury, he even found time to disarm a trap! (Ratshadow uses his special ability, cunning action, to gain an extra action, which he uses on his Utility power ‘Reliable Talent’ to remove a trap.)

A laugh drew Ratshadow’s attention, and he found that he’d suddenly become the filling of a Cultist sandwich! The Earth Cultist was bearing down on him from the left, and to his right an Air Cultist was currently lining him up in the sights of his crossbow – time for a bit of rogue trickery.

Instead of retreating from the Earth Cultist, he ploughed right into him, hoping to hinder his attack and also make it too difficult for the crossbowman to target him – he only half succeeded!

He ran into the cultist alright, unfortunately it was the end of his club that he collided with, but still, the Air Cultist couldn’t get a shot off, so that was something. (Ratshadow – 2 damage. Ratshadow uses utility power ‘Sneaky’ passing the Air Cultist to Alaeros to control, and hence it didn’t get to attack this turn.)

Things were going better for Alaeros, who had managed to get himself on an even footing and was now holding his own against the other Earth Cultist.

“Come Barrowin, it looks like the Halfling is in need of our assistance. Which do you want, the Dirt eater or the one full of hot air?” Nym strode forward, beckoning the Dwarf to accompany her.

“Do you really need my help, Elf? Well, in that case I’ll take the easy one – the Earth Cultist.”

Nym quickly darted around the corner, raised her hand and, muttering something about not firing blanks, she shot a blast of freezing ice at the Air Cultist. The ice took the form of a skeletal hand, engulfing the Cultist and squeezed. (Nym used at-will power ‘chill touch’ and this time hit for 1 damage.)

Nymmestra laughed, and as she did so she faded from sight, only to reappear back along the corridor, behind Alaeros, and behind the Fire Bat! (Nym used utility power ‘Dimension Door’ to move to a different location. I was getting bogged down with all the traps and needed to start laying more tiles.)

Where she reappeared though, had been the Fire Bat’s domain, and it was covered in a layer of ash. The ash billowed up around her, causing her to cough and choke. Through bleary, watering eyes, she witnessed the Bat dive once more at Alaeros, but the big man was alert and fended it of with a swipe of his axe. (Encounter, ‘Choking Ash’.)

Talon had been waiting for a clear shot, her bow held at the ready. As soon as the bat flew higher, trying to avoid further swipes of Alaeros’ axe, she fired. The arrow pierced the bat’s heart and it fell to the ground. Without batting an eyelid Talon drew another arrow, and went back to wait for another opening in the enemy’s defences. (Treasure – Talon gains 100gp.)

Suddenly, a powerful gust of wind swept down the corridor, unleashed by the Air Cultist, and searching for prey. It gathered its strength as it whipped around Talon, lifting her off her feet, and in her place depositing another, wild eyed, Air Cultist. (Encounter – Windswept. Talon removed from play until her next turn!)

Temple of Elemental Evil Pt4
…depositing another, wild eyed, Air Cultist!

The newly arrived Cultist took in his surroundings, raised his crossbow and sighted at Alaeros – the bolt narrowly missed Alearos’ head.

“Sometimes, everyone really is out to get me!” muttered the big redheaded fighter.

At the other end of the corridor Barrowin hurtled her way towards Ratshadow’s assailant. She barrelled into him and then knocked him senseless with her mace. “Better late than never, eh friend?”

Ratshadow smiled, “Barrowin, timing has never been one of your strong points, but wielding that mace of yours, well, that’s a different matter. Now, that one next.” He indicated the slowly defrosting Air Cultist, which Nymmestra, it seemed, had left just for them! (Treasure – Barrowin gains 100gp. Encounter – Hidden Traps – new trap tokens placed on the unexplored edge closest to hero.)

Meanwhile, Alaeros was having fun of his own, and appeared at ease fending of the Earth Cultists attacks, but the arrival of the Air Cultist was causing him some concern. He waited until the Cultist swung high with his club, ducked down and swept his great axe in a low sweep, taking out the legs of his assailant. Wasting no time, he reversed his swing and brought the mighty weapons blade down on the unfortunate Cultists neck. (Alaeros used his at-will power, Great Axe, which, as he started adjacent to the Cultist, would have caused 2 damage, but he rolled a critical, and that was most definitely the end of his foe!) (Alaeros treasure – 100gp.)

With The Earth Cultist decapitated, Alaeros leapt out of sight of The Air Cultist, and down the corridor, shouting a warning to Nymmestra. Unfortunately, his warning didn’t just alert the Wizard; from around a corner stepped the slight form of a Troglodyte, but it was the huge, hulking figure of the Hobgoblin that really got his attention. Alaeros skidded to a halt and prepared to defend himself.

Alaeros skidded to a halt and prepared to defend himself.

The Air Cultist came bounding around the corner, slowing as he took in the scene before him. Seeing that the Big Human was already outnumbered, he pointed his crossbow at the Elf instead and squeezed the trigger. Forewarned as she was, Nym had no problems avoiding the bolt, and started to mutter an incantation, bringing fore the great magical powers she held at her fingertips.

At this moment the Hobgoblin and Trog went on the offensive, working together to good effect, much to Alaeros’ consternation. The Trog moved to Alaeros’ right, raking his claws down the side of his arm, but the Big Man pulled away with the claws barely inches away, and it was only the stench of the foul beast that caused him any issues!

The Hobgoblin, though, was clearly more adept, and feinted with its sword towards Alaeros’ knees, then, pulling up short, he flicked the blade around and upwards, catching him a racking blow beneath the ribs. (Alaeros – 1 damage.)

It was obvious which of the two monsters was the more deadly; he would do well to get out of this one with just that scratch.

Further down the corridor the other Air Cultist had managed to reload his bow, but with a Halfling and Dwarf bearing quickly down on him he fired too impulsively, and the bolt went high.

Ratshadow was on him before the bolt had even come to rest, and drove his sword deep into his stomach – a high pitched squeal was the last sound he ever made, as he slid backwards off the Halflings blade. Always on the lookout for easy takings, the rogue flicked his blade out once more, and anyone watching closely enough would have seen a small pouch disappear beneath his cloak. (Ratshadow – treasure 100gp.)

“Sounds like the others could do with our help, shall we oblige?” he said with a smile as he wiped the blood from his sword. “And what happened to Talon?” The Halfling moved cautiously towards the sounds of battle, the Dwarf falling in beside him.

“By Gorm, what did happen to Talon? One minute she was here, the next… Only Gorm knows!”

Ratshadow scurried ahead and almost run straight into a figure stepping down from the steps, which lead back to the entrance. A fiery glow illuminated the figure, and as it stepped back its spear burst into flames. “Well, what have we here, a child? No, a Halfling I see… shall we make that a dead Halfling, Ha, Ha!” With that he thrust his spear at Ratshadow. (Encounter – ‘Cultist Gathering.’ A new monster is placed on Hero’s tile. I could have cancelled this with experience, but I’m saving it up for the boss encounter!)

Temple of Elemental Evil Pt4
‘Well, what have we here…?’

Ratshadow’s reactions were quick, but this time they weren’t quick enough. The spear caught him on the shoulder, burning through his cloak and searing his flesh, the stench of which filled the air. (Ratshadow – 1 damage.)

Nymmestra, meanwhile, was about to release the spell that she had been preparing. She strolled, almost casually towards the Air Cultist, who was hurriedly fumbling to reload his crossbow. She stood before him, eyes glowing, hands raised. A wicked smile caught on her face and she let the pent-up forces go.

Temple of Elemental Evil Pt4
She stood before him, eyes glowing…

Crackling filled the air, a bright flash and a bang quickly followed. The Cultist flew across the corridor, such was the force unleashed by the Wizard. He hit the wall with a loud ‘Crack,’ and slid down to the floor, his head hanging at an odd angle, clearly dead. (Nym used At-Will power, Shocking Grasp, and her special ability overchannel, causing 1 extra damage to the Cultist but also 1 damage to herself. Her At-will power also enabled her to move 1 tile.)

Nymmestra felt drained with the expenditure of so much power, but she was aware enough to use its fading magic to transport herself into an advantageous position, coming to stand behind Alaeros’ foes. As she did so she felt a wave of calm spread over her, and she regained her composure. “Alaeros, your back is safe. Finish these foul creatures.” (Treasure – Clarity. Nym chooses herself (who else!) to gain 1 hp.)

With her concentration solely on Alaeros, she failed to notice that where she had materialised was, in fact, the entrance to a small room that was currently being used as a guardroom, and contained another Hobgoblin.

Nymmestra’s eyes widened, and she gave a gasp as the sword pierced her back. “Hello pretty thing, shall we dance?” Its voice was harsh, and she could feel its breath on her cheek as it whispered the words. (Encounter – Dark Gift, Nym takes 1 damage. The Hobgoblin also rolled a critical, causing another 2 damage!)

‘Shall we dance?’

She held herself ridged, her breathing staccato, fully aware that her life was ebbing away. She failed to notice the movement of air around them; the billowing of a cloak and then, as the breeze settled, the familiar sight of Talon, bow drawn, and a bead on the Goblinoid behind her.

Talon relaxed her fingertips, felt the bowstring pull away from them, and saw the arrow glide through the air, straight and true. It skimmed past the Elf’s face and buried itself deep within the eye socket of the Hobgoblin.

Temple of Elemental Evil Pt4
Talon relaxed her fingertips…

There wasn’t even time for a look of surprise to appear on its face as it fell, like a falling tree, directly backwards; the blade of its sword pulling free from Nymmestra’s back, and she slumped to her knees, face pale, and her hands shaking. (Talon arrived back from her previous encounter, ‘windswept’, and rolled a critical to kill the Hobgoblin. She also gained treasure – a potion of stonewalk.)

“Nym?” Talon stared at her comrade, the pool of blood spreading around the Elf. She started to approach, but backed away as she suddenly sensed the presence of something nearby. Drawing her scimitar she prepared to defend herself, but this was an attack without substance – an invisible stalker. She brought her sword up in a defensive sweep, feeling it connect with something solid, and managed to deflect the deadly blow that still scored a long scratch down the side of her face. (Encounter – Invisible stalker. Talon loses her Stonewalk – easy come, easy go – and though the attack missed, she still takes 1 damage.)

Barrowin, aware of the Fire Cultist’s tendency to explode in a ball of flame, charged at him with all her speed, forcing her warhammer out in front of her. The Cultist looked up just in time to dodge aside, and the Dwarf caught him on the side, sending him barrelling around and into the wall. “Get down!” She yelled.

Both Ratshadow and Barrowin hit the dirt next to one another, just as the Cultist erupted in to flames, sending a searing heat down the corridor. (Barrowin attacked with her at-will power, Warhammer, which she hit with and caused the Cultist to move one tile, thus enabling them to avoid its Fiery Deathburst.)

“That was close!” Exclaimed Barrowin.

“Saving my skin appears to be something of a past-time for you today my friend. It seems that a large beer or two may be in order, eh?”

“I’d make that an entire barrel, after all, the day is still young!” Barrowin helped her friend to his feet.

“Look, maybe I can start to repay you right now.” Ratshadow moved to where the ashes of the Cultist had settled, knelt and then flicked something up into the air for the Dwarf to catch.

“A gold coin, aaahhh!” juggling the coin from one hand to the other, Barrowin nodded her thanks, “Still a tad hot, by Gorm, but gold is gold.” And with that she made it disappear into some pocket or other. (Treasure – 100gp. Encounter – Rage of Imix, cancelled with experience.)

Alaeros, having witnessed what had happened to Nymmestra, gave a loud roar, bringing his great axe around in a sweeping attack delivered with such power that it cut straight through the Troglodyte and bit into the Hobgoblin’s neck, killing them both instantly. (Alaeros uses Daily Power, Sweeping attack, attacking each adjacent monster, and causes 1 damage if missed, enough to kill both the monsters in this case. He also gives advantage to Nymmestra. Treasure – 100gp.)

Eyes fixed firmly in front, Alaeros strode on down the corridor, Axe held at the ready in front of him. As he passed between the others he spoke, his voice deadly calm, “More lambs to the slaughter!” He’d clearly seen the advancing Cultists coming towards him.

‘More lambs to the slaughter!’

The Earth Cultist, clearly panicked from seeing what had happened to his allies, managed to muster a scream and ran at the Human Fighter. His swinging club was ill timed, and Alaeros barely flinched as it passed by him, but the Air Cultist had greater nerve, and fired a well-aimed shot at the giant of a man.

Alaeros’ luck was in, though, and the bolt missed him by inches; The Cultist hurriedly tried to reload.

Ratshadow, hearing the commotion coming from further down the corridor, ran ahead of the Dwarf. Rounding the corner he could see the others ahead; he could also see the opening of an undiscovered part of the keep, and, typical of the Halfling, was unable to contain his curiosity and moved to peek down the passageway.

Here, right in the centre of the Keep, the air was warm, hot even, and a foul stench filled the air. Moving further into, what could now be discerned as a room, the Halfling could see the glow of a huge furnace mounted in the rear wall.

The glow began to throb, slowly increasing in intensity, and the heat became almost intolerable. Then, emerging from the coals came a serpent like creature with the torso of a human, “I am Arkashic Thunn, Forgemaster to the Cult of Eternal Flame. You and your friends will be our latest offerings, there will be no mercy.” And with that, it attacked.

Temple of Elemental Evil Pt4
‘I am Arkashic Thunn…’

Arkashic Thunn advanced towards Ratshadow, heat emanating from his body, and then he released a pulse of extreme heat that spread out and engulfed the Halfling.

Ratshadow screeched, his exposed flesh almost bubbling with the intensity of the heat. “Help me!” He screamed, as the Salamander bore down on him. (Ratshadow 1 damage.)

Hearing the screams Nymmestra raised her head. She gathered herself and, ignoring the pain, raised herself to her feet. The Salamander had its back to her, and so could not see the fury gathering behind her eyes.

Muttering magic words under her breath, a bright, almost silver, glow enveloped her. Her eyes began to glow, and one could almost swear she was hovering a good inch above the ground.

With a majestic sweep of her hands a blinding flash leapt forth, striking Arkashic Thunn in the back. The Salamander staggered, but did not fall – Nymmestra had just hit it with everything she had, and barely creased its flesh! She sank back to her feet, exhausted. (Nym used Daily power, Disintegrate, which hit for 4 damage, to which she added her special ability, Overchannel, which gave a further 1 damage but caused her to take 1 damage too. Encounter – Grasping Tides cancelled with experience – this would have reduced Nym to 0hp!)

Temple of Elemental Evil Pt4
Nymmestra had just hit it with everything she had!

“Oh dear, is that the best you can do? I thought you may prove a challenge, but it would seem your puny efforts are wasted against my powers.” The Salamander rose up to its fullest height and released a blast of fire at the diminutive Halfling, who was trying to make himself as small a target as possible. The blast hit Ratshadow in the side, sending him rolling backwards in a ball of fire; his body limp as his cloak erupted in flames. (Ratshadow 2 damage, and he is now on 0hp.)

“No!” Talon screamed and bent her bow far beyond anything she’d ever pulled before. Fingers screaming with the demand, she finally released. The arrow flew, and such was the force it passed through the Salamnders side, and this time its reaction was much more satisfying. (Talon used Daily Power Colossus Slayer, and rolled a critical causing a total of 5 damage!)

What happened, they may never know, but Talon’s arrow must have pierced the very part of the Salamander that generated the heat and fire, for it suddenly exploded, sending burning flesh in all directions. The walls dripped with its blood; pieces of flesh mixed with bone scattered across the floor, and everywhere small fires erupted.

Barrowin threw herself onto Ratshadow, extinguishing the flames, and Talon, turning towards Nymmestra, saw Alaeros dispatch the Earth Cultist whilst the other disappeared deeper into the Keep.

Nymmestra was conscious, but seriously wounded. Ratshadow, after being tended to by Barrowin’s spells, was back on his feet, just!

“By Gorm, but that was a close thing. Do you think there are more of them?” The Dwarf’s face showed her concern, and maybe a little fear.

“I think not.” Replied Talon, “I don’t think the Air Cultist would have run if he had more back up.”

Alaeros agreed, “I think we should rest here. If you’re up to it Barrowin, I’d like you to come with me and recce these passageways?” He stared down the corridor, but the threatening feeling he’d had since they’d entered the Keep had subsided, but he expected there to be another way out, and he’d like to know exactly where.

“Aye. Just let me tend to their wounds, settle them down, and I’ll be right with you.”

Several hours later the group sat, warming themselves in front of the glowing furnace.

“The passageway branches in several directions, and if I’m right they lead directly under the Slumber Hills.” The Dwarf seemed pretty sure of herself, she was, after all, a Dwarf!

“We investigated as many as we could, but there’s something evil lurking down there, and we decided to fall back here. I suggest we head back to Red Larch, regroup, and come back prepared for a standing battle?” Alaeros’ advice seemed well taken, and that night the heroes crept away, and headed back to town.

For a moment there I thought it was all going to go horribly wrong. I was sure Ratshadow was going to be a goner with the Salamander towering over him, but I knew I’d saved all those heavy hitting daily powers up for a reason. Talon rolling a critical was a bonus, though I’m sure Barrowin would have scored a hit with the Boomerang, the only weapon she had that could be used at range.

Saving all the experience up was a plus too. It meant I didn’t have to take any damage or other inconveniences caused by the encounter cards.

At the start of this adventure I have to admit I’d lost the enthusiasm for writing this story. The game itself is a fast, fairly repetitive affair, and it doesn’t lend itself to writing a varied story. The encounters become all to familiar, and there’s only so much you can do to keep the story flowing whilst still being true to the game-play.

I would love to write something more descriptive with greater depth, but this game doesn’t lend itself to doing that – it needs to be pacey and punchy to emulate the way the game is played. It isn’t a stop and think game, the tactics are obvious and at the end of the day, much is decided by luck.

But, by the time the end had come I was quite enjoying myself, especially the way Nym and Ratshadow’s characters were coming out – it isn’t the first time that the Elf has almost laid her life down for the good of the group, though she’d never admit it!

Here’s how the heroes finished

Alaeros – 8hp remaining and 200gp.

Ratshadow – Finished with 0hp, and if his turn had come around again he would have had to take a healing surge. As it was, though, the enemy had been defeated before that could happen. He finished with 600gp.

Nymmestra – 2hp remaining and 300gp.

Talon – 7hp remaining, 400gp, and a potion of healing which she found by the furnace after killing the Salamander – well deserved me thinks.

Barrowin – 8hp remaining, 200gp and a Thundering Boomerang.

The Temple of Elemental Evil: Assault on the Haunted Keep starred…

Alaeros, A Human Fighter

Nymmestra, An Elf Wizard

Temple of Elemental Evil Pt4 - Nymmestra

Talon, A Human Ranger

Talon D&D the temple of elemental evil miniature character
Temple of Elemental Evil Pt4 - Talon

Barrowin, A Dwarven Cleric

Temple of Elemental Evil Pt4 - Barrowin

Ratshadow, An Halfling Rogue


Also starring

The Salamander, Arkashic Thunn

Temple of Elemental Evil Pt4

And the rest of the monsters

Temple of Elemental Evil Pt4

The encounters

Temple of Elemental Evil Pt4

The Treasures

Temple of Elemental Evil Pt4

Filmed on location at The Haunted Keep

Temple of Elemental Evil Pt4

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  1. Taken me a while to read through this, but really enjoyed it! Love the minis! 🙂

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    1. Thanks John.
      Yeah, it is a bit lengthy; playing a scenario can be done in under an hour – add the storytelling and it takes about four!

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      1. Thanks, much appreciated 😁

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28mm historical fantasy war gaming

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