Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Captain America

Right, it’s time I wrapped up all the Marvel: Crisis Protocol core characters, so I’m going to try and bang the last few out in quick (okay, this is me, so moderately faster than snail pace) succession.

I’d been putting Captain America off, for some reason I thought he’d be tricky to paint, but in the end, he came together quite nicely.

Here’s a quick rundown of the process.

After zenithal priming I went along and base coated him, and here he is…

Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Captain America

The three main colours are Mechrite Red (yes, from Citadel’s old range), Heavy Bluegrey (VGCEO, key at end), and Imperial Blue (VGC) with a little black added.

The red I highlighted up with Blood Red (also from Citadel’s old range) and then went over it with a glaze of the Mechrite. Highlighted further with Elf Skintone (VGC) followed by a glaze of the Blood Red (there’s a pattern forming here!), and finally highlighted again with the Elf Skintone.

For the blue, a layer of Imperial Blue, then Enchanted Blue (another Citadel old ‘un), and again but with a dash of Electric Blue (VGC) added. I then made glazes of all these colours and used them to bring everything together.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Captain America

The white was easy, just a highlight of Ghost Grey (VGC) followed by Dead White (VGC). I always paint white in this manner. The three colours work really well together, especially the Heavy Bluegrey Base.

That was pretty much it. There’s not a lot of flesh on show but I still spent a little time glazing some fleshy colour types together, and the eyes proved a bit tricky within the mask and it took a few attempts on my nemesis, namely his right eye (I still can’t get to grips with right eyes – maybe I should paint all faces winking from now on!).

Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Captain America

The only other thing of note is on the base. I’ve used the same method on all the characters: base of Cold Grey (VGC), wash in Nuln Oil (GW), Drybrush up Cold Grey, Pale Grey Blue (VMC), and Ghost Grey. This time I left out drybrushing between his feet, trying to give the impression of his shadow, and I’m quite pleased with the result.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Captain America

One last thing… The shield. I had this image in my head of how it should be and tried to paint some fancy refection thing on it. I failed miserably! I say miserably, it took a few days of mulling it over before I decided it had to go, and so it’s now the fairly bland thing you see here, but to be honest, it’s much better than it was!

Up next, Captain Marvel followed closely by Ultron, and then I can move onto other things, like Romans, Dwarves, and Gloomhaven!

Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Captain America
This is what it looked like, but not for long!


  • VGCEO – Vallejo Game Colour Extra Opaque
  • VGC – Vallejo Game Colour
  • VMC – Vallejo Model Colour
  • GW – Games Workshop Citadel
Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Captain America
Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Captain America
Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Captain America

8 thoughts on “Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Captain America

  1. He looks brilliant, Justin! 🙂 Not sure if this might help you with painting eyes if you’re not happy with the ones you do (and I don’t bother with eyes any more on 20mm figures), but I always used to minimise the white showing at each side of the eye – a very small, circular iris in the centre leaves a lot of white and that maybe makes any difference between the two eyes more noticeable. Having said that, for a masked figure, leaving more white might be better anyway, otherwise the eyes might disappear completely! But Cap’s eyes here look fine to me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, John.
      Next time I paint eyes I’ll give that a go.
      I think my problem is that I have to turn the figure upside down to paint the right eye and I find my hands resting in a different position so I haven’t quite got the control I would have. I guess it will come with practice… and patience!


      1. Actually, you’ve made a good point there! 🙂 A lesson I’ve learned is to never turn a figure upside down, even though it would be easier! This is because what you would normally view as shadow the normal way up will now be highlighted and may influence how you paint the area. Using eyes as an example, you could find it’s easier to paint the eye, but one always comes out slightly higher than the other if the figure’s been turned over. The trick might be to paint both eyes upside down!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Sorry for the delay in reply, but I wanted to try your suggestions out first.
        I just can’t do the dots idea, I tend not to paint eyes in that manner – I lay down a black base, then a white one, not quite covering the base, and hen dot the black in the centre.
        I tried turning things upside down, but ended up with both eyes looking a bit wonky!
        I think I’ve solved my issue though, by painting the right eye with the mini on its side, at least it’s better than before – more practice required!
        Thanks for the pointers, much appreciated.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, WordPress isn’t letting me like your comment – it does that from time to time! It would appear you paint eyes way differently from me, but that’s largely academic since I don’t bother with them now! Regardless of anything I’ve written that may or may not work, I’m glad you’ve found a method that might be easier in future! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There’s always different ways of doing things and its good to try out different methods. I like trying things out, there’s nearly always something to be learnt, you just don’t know until you’ve tried it.
      Always open to suggestions and ideas, so thanks John.

      Liked by 2 people

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