Mansions of Madness – Child of Dagon

The Child of Dagon… This certainly was the offspring of something ghastly, two badly put together sides of a mould, that’s what!

It really was like the moulds hadn’t been mated together properly. I wish I’d taken some ‘before’ pictures – the one arm was completely deformed and there was a huge mismatching of the back of the head, which after cleaning up left a split that I decided to keep and make a feature of on this otherwise rather ghastly sculpt.

You can still see some of the deformities of his right arm, even after intensive surgery!

I didn’t spend very long on this one at all. For the flesh I just washed over the zenithal priming with Nuln Oil and then highlighted with a glaze of white Ink. Really quick and actually turned out better than I expected.

I used the same white glaze to paint his shirt and followed it with a wash of Pale Grey, again keeping it simple. A bit of Antares Red and an Agrax Earthshade wash took care of his shorts.

A few dabs of Dried Blood and Rotten Flesh here and there and that was more or less it – time to move on!

A ghostly figure emerged from the night…

15 thoughts on “Mansions of Madness – Child of Dagon

  1. Great way to make a silk purse out of a Sow’s ear Justin, always disappointing when you get a model so badly cast, but you’ve done a great job of salvaging it.

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    1. Thanks Dave.
      The Mansions minis are pretty poor as is, especially the core set, but this one was by far the worst.
      It’s one of them things. I need to paint it for the game, I don’t want to, but have to and I’m not going to spend much time doing it. We’ve all been there and it’s a drag, as you think about what you could be doing instead!

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  2. I’ve found the minis with this game hit or miss with the molding crispness! Nice save, BTW!

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    1. Thanks Eric.
      Yeah there a bad bunch. The expansions get better, as they start using harder plastic and the detailing is better.


  3. You did a good job of saving that guy! It’s always bloody annoying when a mould is poorly done; my own personal fave is when there’s a massive line across a model’s hair. Excellent final photo, he looks far more menacing than he deserves!

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    1. Ah! That’s a pain, mould lines across the hair. They prove a nightmare to remove, as more often than not I end up removing half the detailing as well… or have I been doing it wrong all this time?
      Just got a new phone and for close up stuff it’s better than my DSLR, especially since I broke my flash, which has proved excellent on the phone, surprisingly. That last shot was taken backlit to add a bit of atmosphere…. Ha! Ha! Haaaa! Haaaaaa!!!!!

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  4. This is a rough sculpt to be sure. I still can’t figure out what he is supposed to be holding. Is it a staff? Is it a shovel? Maybe the sculptor wasn’t sure and smashed the two together! I really like the pale and sickly looking skin you put on this one. That is really best way to make him look like a Lovecraftian horror!

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    1. It looks a bit like an ice scraper… maybe that explains his skin tone and pose? Poor bugger’s just trying to get the ice off his windscreen before going to work!

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      1. Ha, that is the type of thing you need where you live too. To be fair, it comes in handy here too but I think Vermont has it worse!

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      2. Is that before he goes to work 500yds from where he lives and would have got there quicker walking? We have people like that here!

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    2. Thanks Jeff. The skin was just a quick wash and highlight directly over the zenithal priming and I was surprised how well it turned out – I might use it again for some later minis in this series.
      I thought it was a rake, as there are ridges that I thought were tines, which is why I went for a metal finish. It could easily be an Ice scraper as Matt suggests, which could be why he’s looking a bit chilly!

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  5. Quite a gruesome figure that’s come out well after the trouble you’ve had! 🙂 I really do hate mis-matched moulds! For me it always seems to be on vehicle panels that have rivets on them, which makes them very difficult to remedy!

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    1. Thanks John. We’ve all come across it haven’t we. It’s so frustrating, and could be one of the worst things to rectify, especially if you’re like me and not too hot on the modelling side of things.

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      1. I maybe think you’re being modest there, Justin! 🙂

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