Service Temporarily Suspended!

A short post to let you know the state of play. As you can see from the image above, COVID has come calling again.

My daughter tested positive end of last week, most likely catching it from school, and after a few days started feeling quite unwell. I spent my time looking after her and it was inevitable that I was to catch it too.

I tested positive a few days ago, and boy, am I glad I’m vaccinated, I’d hate to think what I’d be like if I wasn’t. My head feels like someone’s been playing football with it. My eyes hurt, my ears, I have a sore throat, a nose that’s either fully blocked or streaming like a waterfall! There’s a slight cough and bits of me ache, though there’s nothing unusual about that.

Yasmin is starting to recover, thankfully, and now faces the prospect of catching up on her school work – deep joy! We’ve segregated ourself in part of the house and my wife in another. She’s having to do daily LFTs and regular PCR tests to continue teaching, and hopefully will be kept safe.

Anyway, with all things considered, there’s not going to be a lot of activity coming from this end for a week or two, but I’m sure normal activity will be resumed soon.

25 thoughts on “Service Temporarily Suspended!

  1. Christ, mate, sorry to hear that. Hoping for a fast recovery for you and Yasmin. Stay safe!

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  2. Ah man, that sucks! Here’s to a speedy recovery for you and your daughter! 100% agree on the vaccinations.

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    1. Thanks Eric.
      I really don’t know how I’d be without the vaccine, certainly a lot worse than I’m feeling now.


  3. Damn Justin, is that the second time you caught it?
    Hope you feel better very soon, rest. Plenty of fluid and paracetamol I guess.
    Glad to hear Yasmin on the mend.

    We will be thinking of you pal

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    1. Thanks Mark.
      Doesn’t seem to matter how much water I drink my mouths like I just ate a packet of Jacob’s!
      It was Sue who had it last time. Touch wood, she’ll be safe from it this time.

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  4. Sorry to hear that! A friend of mine has just had it – he felt unwell for a week, and took another to recover, but it affects people differently of course. Take it easy if you can. No gaming for a while! Best wishes!

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    1. Thanks mate.
      There are so many different symptoms caused by COVID, no two people seem to have it the same. I’ll just plod along and thank my lucky stars, as things could be worse.


  5. Let me guess, to make things worse all the boardgames are in the part of the house that your wife’s in! 😉 Here’s hoping that you both get over it and back to full health quickly!

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    1. Thanks John.
      Lol, fortunately, that’s not the case, unfortunately, the table we play on is!

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  6. Get well soon. Lots of reading and films for the next few days?

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    1. Cheers Martin.
      You’d think so wouldn’t you, but at the moment I can’t concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes. All I want to do is 😴

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  7. So sorry to hear it – hoping you both get well again asap. It sounds pithy, I know – but I don’t really know what else to say!

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    1. Words are words, it’s the thought that counts, so thanks Azazel.


  8. I’m so sorry to hear this, mate. Getting COVID twice seems like incredibly bad luck. I wish you and your daughter a speedy recovery and I can’t wait for you to feel well enough to get back to things you love!

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    1. Thanks Jeff, though it was my wife who had it last time. I’m hoping it isn’t going to be too long myself. All I’ve done is sleep, watch one episode of Walking dead, and read three pages of a book in the last three days… I’m slowly going crazy😜

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      1. That is rough. Its like losing time or that’s how I think of it anyway. I’m hope you turn the corner soon!

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  9. Hope you all get well soon!

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    1. Thanks Dave, much appreciated.


  10. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

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  11. Hope you and Jasmin, both have a speedy recovery, and you don’t go too insane with all the rest.

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    1. Thanks Dave.
      Yasmin’s bounced back already and only has a few more days of isolation to go. I’m still looking at another 5 days or so, but am feeling better than I was, so things are looking up🥴

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  12. Not the blog-post I was looking forward, but surely one that grabbed my attention. Hope you’ll be well soon again Justin!
    Gute Besserung!

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    1. Many thanks… things are looking up. I’m over feeling terrible and now just lack energy, so I’m hoping to be up and running soon🤞

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