Mansions of Madness – Formless Spawn

There’s been little happening on the hobby front just lately, as free time has been in limited supply – more of this in my end of month geek. In the meantime, as I’ve managed to grab some computer time, I thought I’d catch up on a few things I painted a while ago, starting with the Formless Spawn. ‘But where have the Serpent People gone!’ I hear you cry, or at least that’s what I hear in my head. Well, yes, they were finished before this one but I’ve yet to find the time to base them on their transparencies, though I am now in the process of doing so.

So, the Formless Spawn, a monster from the Horrific Journeys expansion. A blob, all eyes and teeth, there wasn’t a lot to go on from the creature’s game token and so I had a look what others were doing. One caught my eye, painted in purple and green using washes, and it really stood out as being a little different. I decided to go with something similar.

First though, it was zenithally primed, which would give variances of shade to the washes. I started with the green areas, using Vallejo’s washes for a change, as I find them better for staining than my GW ones. I then mixed Red and Blue together to get a violet colour and applied this over the veined areas once the green had dried.

The, let’s call it a mouth for want of a better word, was washed first in Sepia and then in Red. Once the Red had dried, I added some Dried Blood to all the recesses. I don’t know where I got the idea to do that from, but I’m pleased with how it looks – nice and gory!

That was it for the majority of the figure, nice and simple.

Mansions of Madness - Formless Spawn

The eyes were Sol Yellow, washed with Agrax Earthshade and then highlighted with the original colour again. The teeth were done in a similar fashion but using Ivory – they were then highlighted further with Dead White.

I really enjoyed painting this one. I’ve never been a fan of washes, as they don’t usually behave how I expect or want them to, but this came out alright. I would normally have used ink and there probably wouldn’t have been much difference other than I’d have applied the Violet whilst the Green was still wet, as I find inks more controllable when wet blending than washes.

I’ve painted the two Star Spawns, and the Ancient Basilisk is under way, then it’s finally onto the characters, hurrah!

I have yet to order transparent bases big enough to fit the Star Spawns on, so it could be some time yet before I post them up, but it shouldn’t be long before I get The Serpent People based so look out for them. I have, however, managed to complete MCP’s Sin, though it was a bit of a rush job – and so she’ll be up next…ish!

14 thoughts on “Mansions of Madness – Formless Spawn

  1. The multi colours work so well on the formless spawn Justin, adds to the effect that it’s constantly morphing and changing. Hope you get some time soon.

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    1. Cheers Dave.
      Yasmin has just finished her exams so at least there’s a computer free now… when I get the chance🤔

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  2. Nicely done, Justin! 🙂 I’m not sure the monster’s my cup of tea, but the painting’s excellent (I wish I could get washes to come out like that)!

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    1. Thanks John.
      I added a little water to the Vallejo washes and was really pleased how they went on, nice and even. Pure fluke I reckon😉

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  3. This is a very strange sculpt and I think it could use a bit more form, if you know what I mean! 🙂 I do like your color schemes quite a bit however as it looks pretty Lovecraftian to me. The maw of this creature is suitably unsettling as well.

    I know what you mean about washes being unpredictable too. I don’t shy away from using them but I’m also not as aggressive with washes as your average tabletop painter as I don’t worry too much about speed when I’m painting. It is really aggravating when a wash doesn’t work out though. Its one of my least favorite things that can happen when you’re painting, in fact!

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    1. Yes, it is an odd one!
      I agree, I’m not a fan of using washes because all too many times they’ve gone on not as I’d hoped – probably a lack of experience with them to be honest, I much prefer to layer rather than wash.

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      1. I have used washes for years now and I still have incidents where they don’t do as I hoped so I don’t know if I’ll ever fully figure them out. If I do figure out the secret, I’ll be happy to share that with you, mate!

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      2. If you figure it out mate, you could make a fortune selling your secret😁

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  4. Wait, where did you get that mini of me? LOL! Excellent use of inks, Justin, the colours really suit it and its eyes are horrible! As far as formless spawn-type figures go, this is one of the better ones, to be honest; the others have too much, well, form to them.

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    1. LOL! funny Matt!
      Yeah, too much form sort of defeats the object doesn’t it…


  5. Very.. uh…. nice.. work on this spawn.

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  6. Yea, I do like those different colors. It gives the feeling that it’s shifting in/out of dimensions. I don’t know that I’ve actually ever tried (or seen) Vallejo washes. I might have to check those out!

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    1. Thanks Faust.
      To be honest, the Vallejo washes aren’t great when used as a conventional wash, thought their Pale Grey is good for washing over white – I’d much rather use GW’s.
      However, they’re pretty good for staining as I find them thinner, so you can build up the colour quite nicely with a couple of coats.

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