Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Sin

Well, it’s far too hot to be working on the garden, even for a sun lover like me, but that has given me a little free time to catch up on some posts.

Sin was actually finished sometime last month and was painted in a bit of a rush. We had planned a game of MCP, and Yasmin was badgering me to get her done so she could use her in the game. So, whilst she looks pretty good at game distance, there are more than a few errors that show up in the photos, so try not to look too hard!

Hands up, I knew nothing about this character. Yasmin had selected her to be on her roster as an alternative leader for the Cabal, though to be honest she proved perfectly good played outside of her leadership role, especially when teamed up with her partner in crime, Crossbones.

So, anything worth mentioning regarding the painting? Well, I have to say I’m becoming rather fond of the ScaleColour paints, which I used to paint the majority of the reds (I only have the Red paint set for this particular brand). I like the way the paint flows, which, compared to Vallejo and Citadel, it doesn’t! If that sounds a bit contradictory, I’ll try again. ScaleColour, being gel based, seems to hold its surface tension better and I find it more predictable, which helps me be more precise. It also gives a nice, smooth, and very matt finish, though the colours do dry a little darker than expected.

Don’t look too closely, there are some glaring errors in there!

I used the ScaleColour for her top and boots – Basecoat Blood Red; Layer of Antares Red; Layer of Aldebaran Red; Highlight of Aldebaran + Mars Orange; Final Highlight of Mars. For her hair, on the other hand, I used Vallejo paints – Basecoat Heavy Sienna; Layer Scarlet; Layer Scarlet + Dwarf Skin and repeat with increased Dwarf Skin; Glaze over with Red Ink; Final Highlight of Mars Orange. A lot of work for not a lot of difference!

Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Sin

I wanted to recreate a shiny leather look for her trousers (pants for those American readers), and it doesn’t look too bad from a distance, at least that’s my personal, and totally biased, opinion!

I had a few issues with her skin. I painted her up using my usual combination of Tan and Pale Flesh, but this time with a little Light Rust thrown in for good measure. Once I’d done, she looked too tanned for a red head, who usually have much paler skin, so I started to glaze over with Pale Flesh until I was happy. This took rather longer than I expected. Anyway, you can see the final result. All the glazing did reduce the contrast, but I didn’t have time to go back and add a little more shade, maybe I’ll revisit in the future (Yeah! right, who am I kidding!).

And that is Sin. One more MCP character to do, Viper, before I have to decide who to buy next. My choice, as Yasmin’s roster is now larger than mine, and I’m thinking of adding another leader myself, maybe She-Hulk, we shall see…

10 thoughts on “Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Sin

  1. Fantastic looking model Justin, not a character I know anything about to be honest. Great work on the shiney trousers, the only other trick you can try on those is use some gloss varnish on just that part when finished on the painting, will really make them pop.

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    1. Cheers Dave.
      Amazingly, I found myself without any gloss varnish but I did use satin… Mmm! Must get some gloss!🤔

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  2. Great work on Sin, Justin! The reds are really vibrant; I’ve heard of Scale 75 paints and how good they are, but I have so many pots of Vallejo and Citadel to start collecting a third brand LOL!

    I like her pose, and the way you’ve painted her manic grin makes her look a bit Harley Quinn 🙂

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    1. Thanks Matt.
      Yeah, I know what you mean… soooo many paints!

      Now you come to mention it, I thought she reminded me of someone and you nailed it with Harley Quinn… now that would be a good mini to paint😁

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  3. Great work. The reds really pop, and the leather effect on her trousers has come out very nicely. I think I’m most impressed with the painting of her face; even in these enlarged photos it looks amazing.

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    1. Thanks mate.
      I’ve been trying really hard on faces, especially eyes, so your words mean a lot, cheers😊

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  4. Nicely done, Justin! 🙂 I can’t see any errors, glaring or otherwise, and those trousers do look nice and shiny!

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    1. Thanks John.
      It’s probably down to the fact that I know where to look and so the errors really hit me in the face!

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  5. Thanks for the translation there on trousers, mate. I would have had no idea what you were talking about otherwise! 😉 I think Sin is a newer Marvel character because I don’t know her very well either. I think you did an awesome job picking out all of the fine details on the sculpt. The skin looks vibrant to my eyes too so all that glazing paid off 🙂 In regards to her face, if you can make your eyes a little smaller (less tall, the width of the eyes is fine), I think you’ll see some further improvement on future minis.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I knew you’d appreciate the translation Jeff, thanks😉
      Thanks also for the advice on eyes; I’ll give it a go on the next one🙂

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