Mansions of Madness – Akachi Onyele

Akachi Onyele comes in the expansion, Beyond The Threshold, and let’s get it out there right from the off, I did not enjoy painting Akachi one bit, and I think it shows.

Mansions of Madness - Akachi Onyele

For starters, she was a terrible sculpt, with a lot of the detailing barely visible, especially the rings around her arms – you’ll see that I missed some on her right arm. It wasn’t until I was painting her flesh and thinking that her arm was a little deformed, that I realised there were supposed to be more arm rings there, but as I’d already painted them I just carried on with the flesh.

Mansions of Madness - Akachi Onyele
You can just make out where there should be a few more arm rings on her right arm.

Talking of flesh. I haven’t a lot of experience when it comes to painting darker flesh tones and so it was a bit of an experiment really. I started off with a basecoat of Vallejo’s Game Color Smokey Ink. To this I added a little Elf Skintone and started highlighting up, increasing the amount of ES as I went. To bring it together I finished up with a glaze of the Smokey ink.

I think the colours aren’t far off but the application leaves a little to be desired – more practice required.

Mansions of Madness - Akachi Onyele

The reds of her dress were layered up using Scalecolor paint – Deep Red, Blood Red, Antares Red, Aldebaren Red, and Mars Orange. Once I’d done the Yellow and green, though, it just didn’t look right, so I applied a thin coat of Contrast, Iyanden Yellow, over it, which gave it a brighter, ‘Orangy’ look, which I think was a better fit.

Mansions of Madness - Akachi Onyele

Looking at the pictures, I think her arm rings and necklace don’t look too bad. They were painted with a variety of mixes of Desert Yellow and Olive Drab, with a little bit of Ivory and White thrown in here and there.

It has been a while since I actually painted her, probably three or four months, and she’s the last of my current batch of characters. I will have to get prepping the last, and hopefully final batch now; I might even get to play the game at some point, wouldn’t that be novel!

Mansions of Madness - Akachi Onyele

14 thoughts on “Mansions of Madness – Akachi Onyele

  1. Great work on the skintone Justin, it’s an area paint manufacturers often overlook and doesn’t provide a big option, which is a pain as there are so many skintones needed. Shame that the sculpt was lacking in definition and made the painting harder, but I think you’ve done a great job with what you had to work with.

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    1. Thanks Dave.
      I agree. I looked at my paint collection and there was so little in there that really resembled the colour of skin I wanted, so I had to wing it!
      I have another figure to paint with dark skin and I intend to try something slightly different but still using the Smokey Ink, as I think that has potential here. We shall see…

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      1. Just remember the darker the skintone the more reflective it is and you need stronger contrasting highlights. Vallajo game colour has a dark skintone which works well for a mid tone

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      2. Is that their Game Color Dark Fleshtone? I’ve never actually used it for this kind of thing, as it always looks too dark to me. Maybe I should give it a go. Thanks Dave😃

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  2. Very nice, Justin – I really like her! 🙂 The colour match against the card looks really good! I can’t tell where there should be more arm rings, and I got confused between her right arm and the arm on the right when you look at her so I gave up! Nice mini I think!

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    1. Cheers John.
      That’s great, as I was trying to follow the card as closely as possible, which I’ve tried to do with all the characters and monsters.
      Not so hard to see I guess, until you know they’re there and then you can’t help but see them!

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  3. looks pretty fine, I reckon. I think she will look fine on the board during a game.

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    1. Thanks, and yes, she’ll look pretty good on those lovely game tiles, especially with the transparent base to show them off.

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  4. I think you did better than you described and while I know what you mean about the quality of the sculpt, consider this one a job well done. I agree that darker skin tones are not easy to paint. I was feeling pretty confident at them awhile back but I haven’t painted any in a while and need to give it a try again. I need to try this lady out in Arkham Horror: Card Game since I recently acquired her too. So you’ve inspired me to do two things with your post 🙂

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    1. Cheers Jeff.
      I think darker skin tones are much more difficult because of the way they naturally catch the light and produce such a tonal variety.
      I can’t think that I have her in AH so will be interested to hear how she does😃

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      1. I would agree and she’s in Path to Carcosa so if you’ve got that, then you’ve got Akachi! 🙂

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  5. I like the mini, it’s got a nice colorful vibe to it. But I certainly how a bad sculpt can make it a frustrating experience. I’m not sure what colors in the Vallejo line work well for dark skin. I think I had used a Panzer Aces dark flesh base at one time. Citadel has some decent recipes for dark skin tone that is pretty easy to do.
    I kind of wing it with Reapers triad right now, but am not always successful.

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  6. I totally understand your issues with a crappy plastic sculpt, Justin, as I own a lot of original Reaper Bones minis 🙂 But she does look OK, her colours are nice and vibrant, and she’ll work for a game piece.

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    1. Thanks Matt.
      Yeah, I’m happy with her as a game piece and she’ll look good when we next get to play.

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