Mansions of Madness – Temple Guardians

I’ve been struggling to get any hobby stuff done since starting my new job, partly because I’m also trying to do the garden at the same time, but at least I’ve a few things in the bag to share, such as these Temple Guardians.

Mansions of Madness - Temple Guardians

For these, I returned to using inks, as I had for many of the MoM minis, and as usual started with a zenithal prime. This was followed by a healthy coat of Black Green Ink, which was then drybrushed with Deck Tan. Adding a little Wolf Grey to the Tan, I selectively drybrushed further highlights. I finished with a wash of Citadel’s Athonian Camoshade.

The only other things worth talking about are the gems, which were based in Silver and then painted using Spiritstone Red from Citadel’s technical range. This is supposed to paint realistic gems and lenses – judge for yourself, but I don’t think it did too bad a job.

Well, that’s the Temple Guardians, real easy and were done in double quick time, that is, once the ink had dried!

I’ve got a few more MoM minis done – Serpent People, Formless spawn – and so I’ll have a few more things to post about over the next few weeks. Other than that, though, things are going to be pretty light in terms of activity from me on here. I need to get the bit of garden I’m working on finished (I say bit, but at the moment I’m taking up 100square meters of lawn!) for when we host a family party, and so I’m trying to squeeze that in between my shifts.

I have a few posts part done, which I may get to complete, but I’m way behind on what my fellow bloggers are doing – just bear with me, I’ll get there in the end. I’m sure things will settle down in a few weeks and then I can play catch up, but in the meantime, if all is quiet here, then it’s because I’m knee deep in mud!

11 thoughts on “Mansions of Madness – Temple Guardians

  1. They look great Justin.
    Have you played the gdd ad me much?
    I played the original edition a few times and enjoyed it but not played the new one yet.
    What new job have you got? , I have also been busy out the back, built a new car port/ open room area, bike shed and extended the patio .
    Got an area to flag for the trailer and level snd make good the lawn area .
    Just sat sorting out my Agricola cards ( have over 1,000 of them)
    It’s all go! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Mark.
      ‘gdd ad me?’ not with you there mate!
      Just a cleaning job at the School, working early mornings and late afternoons… it’s a bit like working at a zoo!
      Sounds like you’ve plenty to do too; there’s never enough time, eh!


  2. Great job on the Temple Guardians Justin, with the gem paints by GW you can add extra shades on the silver using inks before applying the gem paint, to get more tonal variance in them if you want to.
    Hope the new job settles down for you, and the garden doesn’t take too long, and I feel your pain on that, as I have a ton of work to do in ours as well ! LOL

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    1. Thank you Dave.
      I do a similar thing when using inks to do coloured metal; I’ll have to give it a go with the gem paints, thanks.
      Need the garden done, at least the half we’re working on, by the start of August. That’s lawn up, dig over and level, beds in, gravel down,
      and new steps to build up to the decked veranda – it will come down to the whether, as that’s the main thing that’s been holding me up so far. It’s a pain alright, in the back!

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  3. Nice work on these, Justin! The green shades look great and I’d never have thought to highlight green with tan, but you live and learn 🙂 I looked up the gem paint and now I’m tempted to pick some up as gems are buggers to get right with regular paints, no matter how many tutorials I watch.

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    1. Cheers Matt.
      Vallejo’s Deck Tan might not be the colour you’re imagining. Think of Bonewhite with a little grey added and you’ll be along the right lines.
      The gem paint is nice and quick to use, ideal for pieces like this, though they don’t do many colours.

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  4. These look great, mate and honestly, I think they show how much better later MoM sculpts are because nothing in the base game can touch these. I will say that I think the GW technical paint is fine for tabletop minis but if you want to up your game, you have to paint the gems the traditional way. The technical paint doesn’t give enough of a gradient to make the effect completely convincing but then again, I’m a stickler about these things 😉 I hope your job is going well and that you get more free time soon! At the same time though, don’t sweat missing other people’s updates. I’m sure you’ll get a chance to catch up soon enough.

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    1. The MoM minis have improved no end. Gone are the soft plastic, bendy rubbish and instead we have hard plastic with better detailing, though often quite basic miniatures.
      Yeah, I hear you. The gem paint is ideal on something like this, but I’d have a go at using the ‘traditional methods’ on anything else… at least until I fail that is😁

      It does bug me not being able to keep up with what everyone else is doing, especially leaving comments weeks after it’s been posted. I like to see what everyone’s doing and wish I had more time to spend to get involved, but it is what it is and one day things will improve🙂

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      1. Basic is certainly an improvement on bendy in my book! I wouldn’t spend extra time trying to paint gems on board game quality sculpts either so I can’t fault you for taking the speedy way out. I’d try painting gems on a GW sculpt as they’ll give you a better surface to experiment with.

        I can understand how you feel. I tend to feel that way when I can’t keep up too. Having said that, I never mind receiving a comment even if it is “late”. A comment never arrives late as it turns out 🙂

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  5. Very nice, Justin! 🙂 You’re getting more done than me and I haven’t got a garden or a new job to slow me down!

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    1. Thanks John, though these were painted sometime ago and were just waiting bases. I’ve done very little in terms of hobby stuff over the last few weeks or so🙁

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